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The Art of Neighboring

You can be a better neighbor. It is possible.

Picture this. A city where homeless shelters were empty, the foster system was unnecessary, where prisons had to close due to inactivity.

Where organic, heart-felt, authentic community exists, we'll see this dream become a reality. What if by attending your local Neighborhood Blockwatch Meetings or hosting people in your own home, we'd start to see this transformation.

This week's challenge: Take this Block Map image below, print it out, put it on your fridge, and fill it out. Your house represents the home in the middle.

Do you know your neighbor's names directly around you? Maybe you get overwhelmed because you've been waving to them for 5 years but can't remember. Be courageous and ask them. You can't hate a person when you truly know them.

Fill in their names, and then work intentionally on learning what you can about your community. Turn your strangers into acquaintances, then turn them into friends.

Are you ready?

share a story about how community changed your life, or other thoughts you have below:

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