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Michael & Kathi Pitts - Founding Pastors

Bishop Michael and Pastor Kathi Pitts were married in 1984 and began their journey of ministry together right away. They often recount how on their first date the conversation turned to The Tabernacle of David and its theological symbolism, each knew that they had met their match.

Since then the couple have become the founding pastors of Cornerstone Church, where they continue to serve as Senior Pastors, and the Cornerstone Global Network of churches, which has grown to a connected network of over 150 churches throughout the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, the UK, and South Africa.

Michael and Kathi continue to live in Toledo, OH — when they aren’t on an airplane heading for ministry — and are the proud parents of Meredith and Stephen. Meredith is married to Philip Ryburn, and together they are parents to Theodore Brave and Judah Justice.

Phil & Meredith Ryburn - Lead Pastors

Phil and Meredith Ryburn serve as the Lead Pastors at Cornerstone Church. After spending a decade in various roles, they were installed as Lead Pastors in October 2019. 

The couple met in Sydney, Australia, where Phil grew up, and where both attended Bible College. Then in 2012, they married in Hawaii - chosen for its beautiful beaches, and strategic proximity to both sets of families. 

Phil and Meredith believe they have been created to serve and are committed to continual improvement. Their marriage is full of laughter, purpose, and a relentless pursuit of Biblical Justice. 

Together they are raising their son, Theodore Brave, in Northwest Ohio. Family time involves being outdoors as much as is possible as they explore the Metroparks, savoring the region’s growing cafe culture, and enjoying the adventure of where God leads each day.

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