Caring For You

Who We Are

The Pastoral Care Team serves as a vital extension of our church leadership, comprising skilled individuals trained to offer invaluable support during times of need for you and your loved ones. Rely on our dedicated team to provide expert assistance when it matters most.

How We Care

No matter the life season you're navigating, fostering meaningful relationships is crucial. Our team is prepared to guide you through grief and loss, dismantle emotional strongholds, and establish robust foundations for your well-being. Whether in the hospital or at home, we are here to offer support and assistance tailored to your needs.

Stephen Ministry

Explore the compassionate care provided by our esteemed Stephen Ministers at Cornerstone Church. Comprising dedicated church members, our Stephen Ministers offer high-quality, confidential, and Christ-centered one-on-one support tailored to individuals facing challenging circumstances.

Restoring The Foundations

Just like you, our deepest desire is for your healing, wholeness, and freedom. We are committed to empowering you to thrive and mature in your Christian journey.

Connect with our RTF team for personalized sessions that guide you towards newfound freedom and the establishment of strong, biblical foundations. Discover the path to a fulfilling and flourishing Christian walk.

Pastoral Care Visitations

At times, health issues or injuries may hinder your ability to visit us. Our Pastoral Care Visitation Team is here to provide encouragement and prayer, extending personalized support to you in the comfort of your own space during these challenging moments.

Weddings and Marriages

Are you preparing for marriage and seeking relationship strengthening support? Look no further! Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with pre-marriage counseling, ceremony officiation, and enhancing the vitality of your marriage. Explore our comprehensive services for a thriving and resilient marital journey.


When the time comes and you experience the loss of a loved one, a flood of confusion and pain can often engulf you.

Where should I turn? Who can I lean on? What steps need to be taken?

Our team is prepared and equipped to guide you through this journey. Allow us to be your companions during this challenging time.

Our Pastoral Care Team: Mark Holbrook, Dr. Lisa Chavers

Whatever specific need arises in your life, rest assured that our support is tailored to meet it. Feel free to utilize the convenient email link below or complete the provided form. We are committed to promptly addressing your inquiries and responding to your concerns with the utmost care and attention.