Board of Advisors

Serving our leaders towards a stronger tomorrow.

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors, there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

The Board of Advisors is comprised of individuals who are leaders within the marketplace as well as within their communities. Each member brings with them a unique perspective that collectively serves Pastors Phil and Meredith in leading Cornerstone Church forward.

It is the heart of our leadership to have accountability and counsel surrounding them. The purpose of the Board is to also serve you as a church member. If you have questions or concerns that you would like to address but are unsure as to who you should speak to, we ask that you contact our Board of Advisors. All emails will be sent directly to the Board and will be confidential. To contact them please fill out the form below, or email them directly at

Meet The Board Of Advisors

Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels is a strategist, speaker, author, and developer of people. He collaborates with various organizations, both corporate and non-profit, to provide strategic solutions that drive leadership effectiveness, impact, and philanthropic effectiveness.

Vuncia Council

Vuncia is the Director of Adult Education for Monroe Public Schools in Monroe, Michigan. She has been at Cornerstone Church for 13 years and has served in many areas, including – Prison Ministry, RTF, Life Groups, Intercessory Prayer, and Arrowhead Behavioral Health Center.

Rick Kerger

Rick Kerger brings nearly five decades of experience as a trial lawyer to his professional endeavors. Additionally, he has been an esteemed member of Cornerstone for 25 years, cherishing each moment as the highlight of his life.

Christina Kanagaratnam

Christina has been an integral part of the Cornerstone community for numerous years. Throughout her time, she has actively participated in and contributed to various ministries within the church, showcasing her dedication and passion for serving others.

Kefa Otiso

Originally from Kenya, Dr. Otiso is instrumental in enhancing BGSU's engagement with international students. With a keen eye on global trends and a commitment to cutting-edge innovation, he plays a significant role in the university's success in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Michelle Banks

Michelle has been an active member of Cornerstone for three decades. Alongside her husband Jeff, she has dedicated her time and talents to various ministries within the church community. Michelle currently holds the role of Manager at ProMedica, specializing in Supply Chain Information Systems, Reporting, and Analytics. Her commitment to both her professional and spiritual endeavors reflects her passion for making a positive impact in all aspects of her life.

Taylor Burciaga

With over 19 years of experience in community development and the nonprofit sector, Taylor Burciaga brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role. As the Executive Director of the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center (SQACC), she leads initiatives that benefit the Old South End and the broader Toledo area. Beyond her nonprofit work, Taylor has a keen interest in event planning and actively serves on multiple boards. Alongside her husband and daughter, she resides in Perrysburg and is an active member of Cornerstone Church.

Savannah Marten

Savannah Marten is a committed advocate for sustainable parenting, with extensive experience and deep dedication to the cause. She's made significant contributions to community advocacy and client care. With over a decade of devotion, she serves as the Executive Director of Bella Vita Network, expanding its reach and impact. Her faith and commitment leave a lasting impact, embodying the transformative power of faith and dedication to creating a world where every life is valued.

Contact our Board of Advisors

All submissions will be confidential and will be sent directly to our Board of Advisors. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply just want to introduce yourself, we encourage you to do so by completing the form below.