Board of Advisors


"... If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task." 1 Timothy 3:1

We are seeking individuals to serve on our Board of Advisors. The purpose of this Board is to offer wise advice to our leadership and to be an additional avenue for Cornerstone Church members to interface with church leaders.

The Board of Advisors currently has five open seats for qualified candidates. The Board will be comprised of four persons who are committed members of Cornerstone Church and one person who is not a member of Cornerstone Church (but is a member of a different church).

Selection & Qualifications

The initial selection of the Board will be made by a Selection Committee, comprised of the Lead Pastors and various mature leaders both within and outside of Cornerstone Church. Once the five open seats are filled, future vacancies will be selected by the then current Board members.

All nominees will be required to meet the following qualifying criteria in order to be offered a member seat:

  1. Committed follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Live out the mission and vision of Cornerstone Church
  3. Fit our culture
  4. Possess an expertise and lead in that area
  5. Upstanding member of their community, above reproach and living in accordance with Biblical principles
  6. Balance the ability to govern independent thought and being supportive of leadership
  7. Resource the vision
  8. Diversity in perspective


As a member of the Board there is an expectation for active participation and engaging in meaningful dialogue. Each member will provide a unique and diverse perspective.

  1. Board members must attend at least 60% meetings each year. The Board meets monthly. These meetings are predominantly face-to-face, with the option to meet virtually up to 6 times per year.
  2. Actively engage in meaningful dialogue
  3. Commit to full term (see details below)
  4. Be aware of Cornerstone Church By-Laws and offer suggestions annually
  5. Notify Lead Pastors of any conflicts of interest that arise
  6. Each board member is expected to invest financially to Cornerstone Church
  7. Where appropriate, Board members should utilize their professional, social and other networks for the benefit of Cornerstone Church. In addition, where appropriate, it is expected that each member will provide counsel and advice gained from their field of expertise.
  8. Be willing to voluntarily step off the board if these expectations are not met, or if a situation arises where removal is in the best interest of Cornerstone Church.

How can the Board be contacted?

Once the Board is established, a form will live on our Board of Advisors web page. This will give you the opportunity to contact the Board at any time. You may also contact them directly via email at

The Board chair will be the sole recipient of that email address.

When will the Board be established?

The expectation is to fill all five roles by December 31, 2020. Once each seat is filled, the Board will hold an initial introductory Board meeting shortly thereafter.

How to apply for an open seat?

Fill out the form below to nominate/recommend someone you think is a qualified candidate. The Selection committee will contact the nominated candidate to inform them and request an official application with a resume.

A person may not nominate oneself. Positions will be held for a two (2) year term with an option at extending at that time.