Work as Worship

Work as Worship

We asked people from various fields this simple question,

“What does work as worship mean to you?”

Here is what they said!

ADRIENNE, Music Teacher
Work is worship for me because it’s where I have an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In my work environment, I get to share the Gospel through my words and interactions with children. God places a high priority on the next generation knowing who He is, and I believe I can be a part of that by how I conduct myself and relate with others in my workplace. I get the opportunity each day to show others who God is through my actions.

JILL, Medical Transcriptionist and Homeschool Educator
I believe that whatever we do should be done with a heart of worship. I initially began working from home after my first child was born. I set up a work-at-home secretarial service and God prospered me in it for many years. I then became a self-taught medical transcriptionist.

My motivation for working from home is to generate income for our family, but my heart’s desire has always been two things. First, to be a Proverbs 31 woman and, second, to help finance the work of the Kingdom.

A spirit of excellence, integrity, attention to detail, commitment, and patience have all lead to my success as a work-at-home mom for over 20 years, all while raising a family and homeschooling all four of our kids.

GAY, Retiree
Being retired and a widow have given me a new perspective in life. God has brought me through many seasons – some have been celebratory (marriages, births, etc.), and others have brought heartache (financial situations, family and relationship crises, health issues, etc.). I have learned over the years to worship my way through both the good and the not so good times, in song, in prayer, in giving, and in loving and forgiving.

Age and health sometimes prevent us from doing the things we used to do easily, and “work” takes on a different meaning when it’s not simply a 9-5 job. But, I’ve found that there is always time for a prayer or encouraging word, a hug, a personal note, or simply a smile. In those simple ways of being sensitive to His guidance on how to be a listening ear, a voice of encouragement, or a source of strength and support for those just entering the phases of life I’ve already come through, I feel I am an extension and representation of the Father’s love, warmth, and constant care. Life is a gift and worship is a way of life for believers of all ages.

DAVE, Automotive Industry
Many people consider their job just somewhere to work, but I’ve thought of it as my mission field for the last 42 years. My goal is to help my team members to be the best they can be by supporting them in whatever they need and treating them as valuable human beings. I believe I have one of the best teams in the plant because they know how to get their jobs done. Part of my job is to lift up those around me, and I see results because of it. I believe I am there to be an ambassador of Christ.

JENNIFER, Emergency Room Nurse
I honor God at work by trying to look at everybody as a child of God, whether it’s the drunken homeless man who smells and has bed bugs, the drug addict who just overdosed…again, the sweet old lady with dementia, the schizophrenic who’s delusional, etc. To me, the outside doesn’t matter, I focus on seeing them as belonging to God and deserving of a certain amount of respect and compassion because of that. I try to step back, looking past the exterior and seeing them like He sees them. I also ask God to make me aware of those who have a need, make me sensitive to His Spirit, and I pray and encourage others as He leads.

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