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Bishop Michael Pitts & Pastor Kathi Pitts

Founding Pastors/ Preaching Team

Bishop Michael and Pastor Kathi Pitts were married in 1984 and began their journey of ministry together right away. They often recount how on their first date the conversation turned to The Tabernacle of David and its theological symbolism, each knew that they had met their match.


Since then the couple have become the founding pastors of Cornerstone Church, where they continue to serve as Senior Pastors, and the Cornerstone Global Network of churches, which has grown to a connected network of over 150 churches throughout the United States, Mexico, and South Africa.


Michael and Kathi continue to live in Toledo, OH — when they aren’t on an airplane heading for ministry — and are the proud parents of Meredith (married to Philip), Stephen Michael (married to Rosie), and the very enthusiastic grandparents to Theodore Brave.

Pastor David Roberts, Campus Pastor/ Preaching Team Lima Campus

“Jesus is Lord, the devil is defeated and together we can make a difference.”


+Father to daughter, Asher, and son, Ryan

+Bachelor of Education from Grambling State University

+Attended Rhema Bible College

+20 years of pastoring in Lima, Ohio

+Heart for teaching the Word

+Deep commitment to making Church relevant to the community

Pastor Ryan Lachmiller, Campus Pastor Eastwood Campus

“We Love God, we live for Him and we lay down our lives for others”

+Married to Stephanie, two sons – Andrew and Owen

+Passion for seeing other’s experience God’s presence

+Bachelor’s in Business Management from University of Toledo

+Worked in the banking industry before joining the team in 2011

Pastor Mel & Eiffey Bedi, Campus Pastors
Wayne Campus

“Don’t wait for a crisis to start using your faith”

+Daughter – Aliza

+Desire to see the presence of God alive in this generation

+Eiffey obtained a Bachelor’s in both English and Spanish; and a Master’s in Translation

+Mel Earned a combined doctorate of Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Toledo

+Build their lives on faith, prayer and the power of God’s Word


Family Ministry

Director of Training & Development

David Banks

Pastor Care

Pastor Toni Banks

Prayer Pastor

Jason Bates

Assistant to Music Director

Marcia Culp

Event Design Coordinator and Creative Team

Joshua Cunning

Creative Director

Shawn Finley

Facilities Team

Alison Gladieux

Parish Relations Team

Harida Hampton

Director of Family Ministry

Erin Jones

Assistant to Administrative Pastor

Alan Maxie

Director of Music

Matt Rasor

Business Administrator

Kristi Rasor

Administrative Assistant of Donor Services

Dave Maxwell

Facilities Team

Guy Proctor

Facilities Team

Jennifer Roberts

Family Ministry

Director of Communications & Operations

Beckie Robertson

Purchasing & Product Coordinator

Phil Ryburn

Live Campus Director

Meredith Ryburn

Director of Campuses

Keith Leak

Director of Music

Dawn Vaculik

Parish Relations Coordinator &

Assistant to Pastor Kathi Pitts

Derayna Webb

Family Ministry

Elementary Director & Mentoring Coordinator

Pastor Janet Wend

Administrative Pastor

Pastor Herb Ford

Administrative Pastor

Pastor Darwin Lofton

Parish Relations Pastor

Pastor Terri Vonderau

Pastoral Care

Pastor Jonas Fields

Director of Cornerstone Kids & Cornerstone Teens

Terry Kirkendall

Finance Team

Nina Gladen

Ministry Coordinator

Jennifer Rodriguez

Pastoral Assistant

George McGuire

Facilities Team

Jordan Phillips
Creative Team

Luke Nishimoto
Creative Team