Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation

By Phil Ryburn

We’re all familiar with the practical preparation we must do when it comes time for our Heaven on Earth conference (or any other exceptionally busy period of time!). We know to stock up on groceries, prep meals, and lay out outfits for each night – all to save those precious moment of time with our schedule is packed.

But, what about when it comes to our spiritual preparation for Heaven on Earth? Are we being as diligent in preparing our hearts and spirits for what God wants us to experience?

Here are some ways we can focus in on the spiritual aspects of conference. The first thing I think about is the overall “why” of hosting a conference. Heaven on Earth takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off and thousands of hours of service. So, why do we host it?

  • It opens the heavens and creates an atmosphere for miracles
  • It unites the churches in our community, as people from all over come to experience it
  • It acts as a homecoming for those who have moved away
  • It sets the vision and direction for the next season (corporately and personally)
  • It is a great opportunity to hear from church leaders from other states and nations on what God is saying

Then, I think about the theme. This year’s theme is Momentum. The unseen force of forward movement produced by successive victories produces spiritual momentum. This has to do with combining and building on small or singular wins to achieve overall victory. Take a quick inventory of your life:

  • In what areas do you feel like you’re stuck?
  • In what areas do you feel like you’re doing fine, but you’re just holding steady, not really going faster, further, deeper?
  • In what areas do you feel you’re confident and walking in clarity, able to build effectively at each checkpoint?

Let’s turn these two foundational considerations into our prayer points leading into conference. Take one item each day and pray over it until conference:

  • Ask God to open the heavens and prepare the territory for miracles
  • Pray that God would build his Kingdom and that the Church would represent Jesus well
  • Pray that people would travel here and home safely, and that the travel would be worth their time. Pray that they learn what they need to learn, and receive everything they need.
  • Thank God that He communicates with us, that we have a leadership team that is receptive to what God is wanting to do. Ask for continual clarity moving forward, and that this conference would launch us into the next season.
  • Pray for our guest ministry. What they communicate in their service is crucial. Pray for traveling safety, peace in their preparation, and that they’d feel comfortable quickly to do fully and without hesitation or distraction what they feel called to do.
  • Acknowledge God as the source of our victory. Thank God that He is fighting on our behalf, and that momentum is moving in our direction. Pray that our labor will become like running downhill, with the wind at our back. Ask God you show you how to create momentum in your life, building and increasing in strength and force with each successive victory.

Lastly, here are some tips for personal preparation:

  • Write down questions or issues that you have and pray that you receive answers and solutions. Believe for them!
  • Get around friends and ask them what they are praying and believing for at this Heaven on Earth. It will not only help build your faith, but it will also help you know how to pray for friends and faith partners.
  • Fast ahead of time, or take a couple of days to sacrifice something in your life so that you can increase your focus on spiritual things. Turn off extra noise before and during the week of the conference. Try to go without TV, social media, radio, or other leisure activities so that you can focus on being in continual conversation with the Holy Spirit. Scripture makes it clear about the importance of this, so be intentional!

I believe that great things can happen for us at conference if we take the time to prepare properly. Use these tips as a starting point and see what momentum you can build in your spiritual preparation!

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