Ministry Focus: Gale Rowlett

Ministry Focus: Gale Rowlett

This month, we interviewed Gale Rowlett of Johnny Rowlett Ministries. Her husband, Johnny Rowlett, is the 2016 and 2017 ICMA Music Evangelist of the Year and the two of them travel the country sharing the gospel and ministering the love of God through singing and inspirational speaking.

1) Briefly describe what you and your husband do as itinerant ministers.

That is a loaded question! We do almost everything together, so with whatever it takes to make this ministry happen, usually my hands are involved somehow. Except for getting in front of people! From scheduling to bookkeeping to managing our social media presence, and everything in between, I’m involved – including getting us where we need to be on time!

2) What are some of the biggest obstacles you face or have faced and how do you handle and overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges has been when the motorhome breaks down. That hits us in every direction, from having to cancel bookings to being very costly to just causing us to be stuck somewhere. It hasn’t happened very often, which we’re so thankful for, but it’s never convenient when it does. For example, we are technically broken down right now, and the only “good” part is that while we are waiting for them to get us in to fix it, we can still stay in it. Also, we are “home,” back in the Toledo area, so that helps, too. So, when it goes into the repair shop for 2 weeks, we will still have family we can stay with. If not, though, that is a hotel bill we would have to pay for on top of the repair bill! As far as overcoming challenges, though, whether it’s this one or any others, it just comes down to waiting it out, which we know builds patience and character.

4) How do you manage the unique arrangement of not only working with your spouse, but also being on the road together? How do you make sure you have alone time, personal space, down time, etc…?

We love being on the road, and we genuinely like each other, so being together 24/7 is actually really easy for us. We do whatever we can to enjoy the journey, so we try hard to balance work and fun/down time. If we are in an area that has fun or unique things to go see or do, we try to make time for that, even if it’s just a quick thing. We don’t get much personal space, but if we do, Johnny is on one side of the motorhome and I’ll be on the other! We make it work, but I also believe that God has definitely given us a grace for it, that’s for sure!

5) How would you respond to people who say you might get lost in your husband’s career and it’s taking you away from your own?

Because we do this together, I don’t really look at it as his career, I look at it as our career. Johnny may do all the speaking/singing, but it’s still a “we” thing. I do many things off the stage, including homeless ministry, faith-based rehabs, or something as simple as just being a friend. Sometimes, people may think ministry/career has to look a certain way, but when you’re in it, there are a million different parts to it all. So, I am just as involved as he is, just not in front.

6) What are some of your favorite things about doing this ministry?

One of my favorite things is seeing people’s lives changed, whether it’s that we’re helping someone walk out their faith, or seeing someone finally just get that “aha” moment – that God is good, that His grace is sufficient, etc.

I also love all that we get to see, from the simple but amazing beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to the beautiful red rocks in Sedona, Arizona, to the buffalo roaming in Yellowstone National Park to, hopefully, seeing a moose in Maine! We really get to do and see so many amazing things. God has truly been good to us, and we do not take it for granted!

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