Industry Profile: Real Estate

Industry Profile: Real Estate


By Scott Estep, Realtor and Spiritual Advisor at The Danberry Company

I am privileged to be Christ’s ambassador in the marketplace, where I serve as a realtor and spiritual advisor. In 2 Corinthians 5:18, Paul said that Jesus entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation. While the text is foremost about reconciling people to God, in the context of the real estate industry, it also means reconciling buyers and sellers to each other, and I love it!

I let prospective clients know about my values up front, so the majority of my online advertising, including my Zillow profile, includes Philippians 2:3 (MSG), which is a foundational verse for how I do business: “Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.” This is a perfect description of my attitude toward all of my clients. I’m eager to demonstrate my integrity, uncompromising commitment to excellence, and genuine concern for their needs, as we work together to make their next real estate transaction a positive experience.

I have the privilege of serving my clients with the heart of Jesus, always keeping their best interest in mind. This is possible because I don’t view any client as my provider. That role is God’s alone, and knowing this frees me to serve others with no strings attached and no pressure.

Along with praying for my clients, I often have the privilege of praying with them. I don’t pray with every client, but when I sense that they would be open or feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I ask for permission and every client I’ve offered to pray with has accepted and been grateful for it.

I need the mind of Christ to be at work in my life every day, and I regularly call upon the Holy Spirit to give me discernment (to know who and what I’m dealing with) and provide the best possible guidance for the people He has called me to serve. He often speaks to me about how to negotiate and deal with difficult personalities, and I think this is a remarkable competitive advantage!

I’m thankful that my job presents opportunities for me to effectively manage relationships with clients, co-workers, competitors, inspectors, lenders, appraisers, and title office staff. This richly diverse group of people adds to the quality of my life, and I worship God by providing as much value as possible to their lives.

With these personal and professional principles in place, God is glorified and those He has called me to serve have positive experiences in one of the most significant decisions they will ever make.


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