Industry Profile: Portrait Artist

Industry Profile: Portrait Artist

By Jennifer Gunderson, Portrait Artist

My work as worship is to show the best in everyone through the avenue of photography. I’ve devoted myself to professional development in understanding lighting techniques, complimentary wardrobe selections, appropriate posing, selective enhancing, and proper finishing for every project. I want people to see the best of themselves through the excellence I strive for in every aspect of our encounter, and I believe that’s a reflection of the way our heavenly Father views us.

As an artist, I also use my camera for expressing myself visually, creating photographic art of what already exists in the natural world and to cause an interaction between the viewer and the image. I search for ways to capture images that evoke a deeper meaning. Capturing a moment is not just “point and shoot,” it is about using the spirit of excellence to show the best in each photograph.

If, through my lens, I can create something that invites intimate conversation, suspends time, and emotionally connects the beholder, then I have done my job. I believe I am honoring the gifts God placed in me and reflecting His nature by operating at my highest level with a real passion for my field.

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