We are audacious in our faith

We dare to believe that God will do what He said he would do.

When we speak, heaven invades the earth.

We are a mosaic

We are radically diverse in age, ethnicity and background.

Our individual uniqueness makes us stronger together.

We are both

We are involved locally and globally. Our neighborhood starts in greater Toledo and stretches the lengths of the world; we will bless all humanity with the same compassion Christ has shown us.

We are all on the bus

United we purpose to fulfill the vision that God has given us to accomplish.

We intentionally focus on where we agree. Get on or get off!

We are naturally supernatural

We believe the gifts of Heaven are available to all believers and their demonstration is a natural extension of the Christian life. It’s not weird; it’s powerful.

We are outside the box

We are forward-thinking people, willing to push boundaries and think creatively to spread the message of Christ.

We are world class

Through excellence we show the brilliance and greatness of God. We are punctual. We are top notch. We are all in.

We are people of honor

We show honor and respect to all people because God values them. Period.

We are serious about generosity

Giving runs in our DNA; whether it’s money, time, or resources we sow what God has given us to accomplish the vision.

We are not a show

We are engaged and passionate. We believe that every member has an important role to play; all hands are on deck because together our efforts are multiplied.

We are history makers

As leaders, we refuse to leave our city or our world without leaving a mark on generations to come.